I am looking at this panel and its everything I didn’t know I wanted, Honestly I have never thought that Mikasa trusting Levi was going to happen simply because from the start they have had a certain animosity rooted in her making choices that went against what he wanted and him starting off with hurting Eren, something she simply wouldn’t stand for.

And yet here we are. We have come full circle. Eren is in trouble and Levi is partly to blame and yet instead of blaming him or doubting him and the rest of the SC she is telling the rest to make a choice. Either for or against. She knows where she stands. She knows who she trusts and that is just.

Does this mean she isn’t mad? Does this mean she doesn’t want to find Eren? No! I am sure that is still her focus but yet she has grown enough not to go chasing after him into the shadows without a plan. She is no longer putting herself in danger and risking it all like she did when she thought her was dead. SHE HAS GROWN UP. 

 Wow. WOW. A+ Character Development.

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